Strike #2 chapter 5

It’s never straightforward getting from A-B is it? The train ran  so late  we missed our lift. My husband organised a taxi to take me to the doctor then drive him to collect our grandkids👫.  The train had made us both late and stress 🤹‍♂️ levels were extremely high. The rabid dog 🐕 stuck  with me as we parted company for our respective appointments.

Naturally  the dog didn’t make it into my consultation but I was in some distress😢  by then and my  leg was swollen so badly I thought my jeans 👖 would need to be cut off.  The GP took one look at me and advised a second visit to A&E  🏩 for further investigation was necessary.

My poor husband was trying to make the kids their tea 🍱  when I summoned him back to my GP to transport me to A&E. He dispatched me rushing back to make sure the oven hadn’t incinerated the chicken nuggets.🔥

A&E was busy; I was informed at check in there would be a three hour wait. 3️⃣ OMG three hours…😩.  I grabbed a seat closest to the exit, but sitting down was just impossible. My containment of the rabid dog now manifested into  tears  😭 the pain, gnawing so much now, was unbearable, I was close to hysteria😜 .

Around me mayhem 👀 ensued, its hard to accept that everyone there was actually an emergency although I’m mindful of assumptions. Everyone appeared to contain their distress more than me, even kids. Some lovesick  👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨teenagers,  supported by their friends did well to conceal any obvious signs of ailment. 🤒  A number of kids in football ⚽️  attire  with blood stained 🤕 faces,  suggested  theirs hadn’t been  the friendliest  match, and numerous older people 👵🏼watched  every newcomer with nervous anticipation 🙀 that they might lose their turn.

After an hour I was called for triage where I was offered some pain relief 💊💊. With only a chair to sit in I was in major  discomfort. Once through the first tier, 🚑🚑🚑 3  ambulances arrived with more patients and I  was in this line waiting to move closer to a doctor.  Chaos didn’t seem to cover it.

Then it was my turn and we met Ben. 🧛🏻‍♂️ Ben is well versed in the habits of  hysterical women.  He has nice 🐝  manners. He has honed his bedside manner 🛏 to relax you.  He tried to establish what we really wanted as he noticed we had been at A&E  last week!  Isn’t it  tedious 🗂 these people who keep coming back?  “What do you need to happen?”  He was  acutely patronising 👺  and despite my GP referral it was evident he thought we were time wasting. “I need further investigation”  I sobbed 😪 “I need to be admitted to get the pain sorted”  But any idiot  🤪 could read the signs that was never going to happen.  Ben thought it appropriate to examine my leg  but he was perplexed.  As with his peers last week he didn’t know what was wrong. “I think you should go home and I’ll try to get a scan for next week”  he said washing his hands. “She needs pain relief”  said my husband, “ its 15p at Asda” he replied 🤫 smiling and  extending his  hand as he dismissed me. “ It was so  nice to see you in A&E.” It’s not a blinking holiday Ben!!!!!!

“I don’t think they believe me I wept” as I stuttered toward the car……………………..


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