Strike #1 Chapter 2

I don’t do public shows of distress (PSD). So when I  fell in spectacular fashion on St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, I was mortified when passers🚶‍♂️ by  rushed to my aid because, as I said before, I was howling 😭.  I had only one thing on my mind; I wanted to get to Bon Vivant and have my lunch🥗 🍷!

My body (not to mention my hair and make-up), however  had other ideas.  No sooner had I clambered back to my feet 👏 when I passed out 🌀 and was flat on my back again. This led to a growing number of spectators 👀 to summon an ambulance🚑.  Not me, I was against this from the start  and  quickly requested they cancel it. After all it was just a fall……..wasn’t it?  🌚

And in any case our bodies are pretty amazing.  Firstly,  despite the pain, my brain 🧠 status  automatically slipped to organise.  I was issuing instructions, handing my phone 📱 over to “ let the restaurant know we are not coming” and   “ let my husband know?”.  I noticed the latter caused quite a stir 🙀in the crowd; was this man with me not my husband?? I could see they were looking at each other trying to figure it out. (Although why I was even aware of these subtleties I have no idea!)

Secondly, however  it was the physical reaction 🤢that led me to take the sensible decision and go to hospital. Shock was screaming  at me very loudly through waves of nausea, violent shaking and spinning horizons.  ( Not due to alcohol consumption, honestly 🍹).  Not wanting to avail the Scottish Ambulance Service of their time for some silly 🤡 middle aged woman wearing the wrong footwear, the staff at Dishoom kindly  summoned a taxi 🚕to take my colleague and I to the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. (Bet they thought he was my husband too 🤫).

Despite my best contortions and effort to describe this accident🙇‍♀️ and pain, and an x-ray suggesting nothing was broken,  (although I felt I already knew that) the staff could not identify what ailed me. My left hamstring was on fire 🔥, I had excruciating pain when seated,💺 there was an agonising pain in both my pubic bone and the exterior of the left thigh between the hip and the knee. I was agitated because of the pain 🤦‍♀️and it was about 4 hours before they were able to get it under control. Only then could I allow them to touch my  leg.

After much deliberation the Doctors advised me I was a bit of a conundrum (nice😷),  they thought I’d likely have some bruising from this bad fall.  They agreed I could go home if I was able to use the crutches on offer.

So I did; I went home, not the least bit clear on what was wrong. I did have information that the trauma team would be in touch over the next few days but had no real advice on what to do.

three person looking at x ray result
Photo by EVG photos on

All fine, yep,   but what about our trip to Harrogate on Monday????

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